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This is a test wiki. Obviously. You can do pretty much whatever you want with it within reason, just log in with your uncyclopedia account and stuff, but for the same reason that works, blocks and userrights here will also affect Uncyclopedia itself and visa versa (though this may be subject to change later).

Please don't try to kill this test wiki. Accidentally killing it is generally fine, though, just let someone know and if all else fails we can just reset the database. But for that reason you also probably don't want to leave anything important here. Note that spamming is also pointless as bots and indexing are largely set to go die in a fire here.

Good day and above all else remember to respect your friendly neighbourhood Zombiebaron.

Things enabled here but not on the main site:

  • mw:Extension:Scribunto
    Except that it is. Enabled on the main site, I mean. We should really use it there. Not that I know how. And now we have VE...


Does this still work?


I hate you all. --Y PANTIES!